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Cheryl C.  "We did find the information useful and have implemented several of your recommendations.  Moreover, the process itself was very beneficial--it helped us get objectify the specific issues that we had been struggling with.  I would not hesitate to call on you again and am happy to serve as a reference.  Again, thanks!"

Becky P.  "Amy is a gift to the Senior industry. Her passion at helping others was particularly evident when she took on a client for me that would not be a revenue maker. This client needed her help badly. She went to work immediately to help him and has proven that this is a true calling. Her ethical values are unquestionable and I hope to refer many more clients to her"

Teresa Q.  "I have known and worked with Amy for many years. She is great at what she does, and she stays on top of the current issues and changes in the market. She is very trustworthy, and does exactly what she says she will do. Amy is a very detailed, and her prices are very reasonable"


David B.  “I was a skeptic, but not anymore. After only two months, I am a believer. Feel free to use me as a referral.”


Kay B. "I just want to tell you how much we appreciated your excellent, informative program on Money Scams! Our participants learned so much...and I could tell by their expressions that they were not aware of the many ways that seniors-and others-can unknowingly fall prey to dishonest, dangerous people. Your presentation was enlightening, engaging, and eye-opening! I would recommend everyone participate in this program in order to protect themselves and their assets!

Laura M.  “Amy has a great personality and is excellent to work with! I have enjoyed working with her.”