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Here are some of the many ways Carrick Consulting is ready to assist with daily money management and more. When you think about it, everyone could use a professional Chief Financial Officer - That is why we are here.

Perhaps you need to travel for an extended period and just can't get to your daily "To Do" list. Or because of distance you aren't able to assist your parents with paperwork—which is getting out of hand—and are considering a conservatorship or daily money management. We can handle these important tasks in a professional manner, providing you and your loved ones breathing room and peace of mind.

Small Business Financial Management

  • Billpay and Receipt Tracking
  • PC Troubleshooting Support
  • Research

Daily Money Management for Seniors

  • Balance checkbook
  • Hand written or Automated Billpay
  • Monthly spending reports
  • Mail Management
  • Establish Budget
  • Turn chaos into order


  • Compliance with SC Laws
  • Manage by “Prudent Investor Act”
  • Monthly and Annual Reporting

We will help improve the processes around you by customizing all services to your requirements. After a needs assessment is completed, we will estimate how long the project or job will take and provide a cost estimate. The rate varies depending on the size and scope of the project.